Nothing More Beautiful – A Review

So my Catholic friend took me out to Nothing More Beautiful (NMB) last night in exchange for dinner out with them.  NMB is a Catholic night of teaching and testimony for a purpose that eludes me — but that’s ok. 

Since I used to be Catholic it is very bizarre experience to walk into your old haunts and still recognize certain priests and people (not that priests aren’t people too).  The whole thing was a perfect example of Christopher Hitchen’s thesis that “religion poisons everything”. 

The night was supposed to be about Christian unity yet no one could see the giant elephant in the room — that the “lies + separation that divide humanity” is oftentimes religion itself.  So much of the diatribe was to convince the grovelling Catholics that the church is god’s institution, that you need to follow the pope and the bishops, that the evil one is always on the prowl for their pathetic original-sin guilty souls, and that the only hope is the Catholic Church.

It is demeaning to humanity to prostrate oneself before a god in abject slavery.  Although humans are part of the animal kingdom, our evolutionary advantage is the ability to think and reason — yet the church would have us subject our humanity to a paternal anthropomorphic despot who wants absolute control.

What really killed me is that the bishop Richard Smith actually seems to believe in a literal Adam and Eve as the original parents of all of us.  This guy seriously needs a science lesson.

In the end, going to something like this is good because it bolsters my atheism and makes me realize how healthy my defection from this sick human institution truly is (more on this to come in another post).

There is Nothing More Delusional than to believe in anything the Catholic church teaches.


One response to “Nothing More Beautiful – A Review

  1. First, you need to edit your blog so it is readable.
    Second, you didn’t really review the session but rather remark on 2 or 3 things that you noticed and how it affected you
    Third, I don’t get this comment: The whole thing was a perfect example of Christopher Hitchen’s thesis that “religion poisons everything”. You offered no proof for this statement, but you did have a nice picture!

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