Eugenie Scott

 I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution

Eugenie Scott had a great review of the Dover trial, but when she started spewing accommodationist clap-trap nonsense I started to feel she’s off her rocker. Then she mentioned Dr Denis Lamoureux, a “theologian” at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I knew she’s lost it. I took courses with this kook Lamoureux. In so far as he does accept, understand and teach evolution Dr Lamoureux is doing a great job. I have spoken with many former believers turned atheists because of his courses in Science and Religion. But Lamoureux himself lives in an incoherent double-speak dream world. He’s just another faith-head who uncritically accepts Christianity because of its emotional appeal. He’s not an, but says that god ordains & sustains the evolutionary process (his website). What nonsense. Not a god of the gaps, but a god who does nothing.

As a commentor said “Religion has been one of the main retarding factors in the progression of science and rational thought, mainly because it operates by Authority, Fear, and Ignorance. Faith, which uses no evidence, is the antithesis of the scientific method.”


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