Bethlehem-town in Edmonton!

China-town has a rival.  You can now visit a real live Bethlehem in Edmonton!   Complete with your local butcher, baker, and cross maker:

Mary and Joseph, Jennifer and Andrew Lee, hold the baby Jesus, in the stable in the recreated town.To

I never knew they have nail polish in the Bronze Age, but Joseph sure looks smug — and white!  You can’t fault them that everyone in their church is caucasian, but it does reinforce the false idea that Jesus was white. 

It reminds me of how Christians cherry-pick the bible to suit their tastes.  How about a re-enactment of God ordering Jephthah to burn his daughter?  (Judges 11:29-40)?  Or how about a re-enactment of Jesus sending everyone to hell with his mouth swords? (Rev 19

Of course, any “sophisticated” theologian worth their Markan-priority will tell you that the Jesus birth stories in Matthew and Luke are legendary embellishments — they can’t even agree on when Jesus was born (Mat 2:1, Luk 1:5 ≠ Luk 2:1  ) or who the father was ( acts 2:30, 13:23, rom 1:3, 2tim 2:8, heb 2:16, rev 22:16 ≠ mat 1:18, 22:45, mk 12:35-37, lk 1:31-35)  — but sssshhhh… don’t tell the cast of Bethlehem-town. 



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