Re: No cookie cutter kids: Catholic schools are part of the rich success of Alberta education

Does the author of the Dec 5, 2010 piece about “No cookie cutter kids” even have an argument?  She/he makes it clear that there really is no difference between catholic and public schools — but then says we should preserve catholic schools because they make sure not all our kids are the same — way to argue in a circle buddy!
The government has no business paying for religious indoctrination.  It is discriminatory, wasteful, and anachronistic.  Even the United Nations has made this very clear.  No one is advocating cookie cutter schools — i think science, arts, language, etc schools are probably a good thing.  No one is saying you can’t teach your religion to your kids. 
What we don’t want is discrimination and prejudice and waste.  And that is exactly what Catholic schools create.  The case of the kids from Morinville is a perfect example.  Why don’t we put the salaries of religion teachers to something useful like ensuring every special needs student gets a teacher aid or keeping class sizes small?


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