Catholics Come Home

Stumbled across this…. i don’t know how long this advertising campaign has been going on for. I’ve personally never seen any of these ads.  They are beyond asanine. 

The first ad claims that the Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization in the world — apparently they arrive at this conclusion by citing a study in which 5 years ago Catholic Charities USA were the 5th largest charity by total revenues in the US.  Other research suggests that only 12% of these funds actually come from Catholics, most of that money actually stems for government funding and fees for service  (  Then it spews nonsense about how Catholics are behind every good thing in the world like the scientific method and the laws of evidence.  Really!?!  I think Galileo might not agree on that.  And those witches really got fair trials based on evidence!

“For over 2,000 years, we have had an unbroken line of shepherds guiding the Catholic Church with love and truth, in a confused and hurting world.”

Where’s the laws of evidence for that belief?  The bible, which you just said you wrote!  How convenient.  Was it love that the leaders of the Church had in mind when they decided to cover up child abuse for many of those 2000 years?

The second ad claims that sin is an “addiction”, that we will be judged — well at least they’re honest about that part.  The church is all about judging and degrading others while they go about their evil cover-up of raping children.

And then this way of life stuff in the 3rd ad is such nonsense — like the Catholic Church has any claim to a healthy lifestyle.

The whole ad campaign seems so bombastic.  It eerily reminds me of those Mormon ads that used to be on TV all the time.

 I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t know how any person of good conscience can support this evil institution.



One response to “Catholics Come Home

  1. I came across your blog, and thought it credible until I came across some unsubstantiated claims in this article, which I would challenge you on. I suspect that Galileo would agree that the Church founded the scientific method, but might debate how much to their credit that was. The Galileo card, though, is over played, and it only takes a little research into what happened to realize the Church was not anti science, but rather felt responsible for teaching good science, and was not ready to support Galileo in his theory, and asked him to qualify it it his publications, which he refused to do. It is because the Church was responsible for not just the faith, but also the political and educational institutions that things went the way they did, so while it is regrettable, it remains understandable- unless you want to keep the Galileo card in your arsenal of propaganda.

    As for burning witches- for the most part, that wasn’t Catholics, and it wasn’t in Catholic Countries. Catholic Countries had safe guards in place to try to prevent that kind of thing. Now burning Heretics is another matter, but don’t throw the witch trials at Catholics!

    I write all of this because I think there is plenty to legitimately disagree with in the Catholic Church- we needn’t rely on arguments that have been so weakened that they don’t actually help us come to truth! I think that in the interest of truth, we all have a responsibility to do our homework.

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